Type Specimen Book

This type specimen book design and created by Jessi Dilts is an exploration of five different font categories and twenty-five different font families. It explores the narrative written by graphic designer Paula Sher, through her speech “Great Design is Serious, Not Solemn”. The overall theme of this narrative is the juxtaposition of serious design contrasted with playful and vibrant design in order to show two contrasting spectrums and styles of design. Throughout the pages there is a series of photographs taken and edited by Jessi Dilts, mixed with different images and textures that were found. Within each font, behind the flap showcases the font families and shows an example of the text, all in a clean and juxtaposed manner in comparison to the rest of the book. The little glimpses of solemn design lies behind the flaps and overall this narrative is vibrant, chaotic and juxtaposes two contrasting styles of design, solemn and playful.

bookcoverpg4 pgpg2IMG_5106