Trapped for Entertainment


Considering that Jenny and I live in San Diego, last year I (Jessi) created this psychedelic inspired anti-seaworld poster to help bring awareness to the cause. To put oneself in the position of helpless animals is more effective that just merely subtly agreeing to support mistreatment.

“Seaworld kidnaps orca whales from their natural environment taking them away from their families and using them to entertain people for monetary sake. These poor orca whales are living in conditions of that of a grown man being confined to a bathtub, for the rest of his life. Seaworld is also responsible for many other horrific living conditions. These helpless animals need your support and compassion. To take action and for more help visit”



In this piece  I was particularly inspired by jerry Uelsemann and his highly surreal black and white collages that are incredibly seamless and powerful. Ueslemann’s work peaked my interest in particular to the psychedelic mixture and feeling of his images with the highly realistic and surreal mixture of nature and people/places. I wanted to incorporate some of the characteristics of his work such as the naturalistic, surreal feelings all in a highly contrasting and vast range of black and white tones. It took me a while to truly connect with one of my ideas and when I went to the San Marcos lake where my background images are taken, I was almost lost in the beauty of the nature and for a few minutes forgot about stress, worries, obligations and anything that keeps people from stopping to appreciate the world; and that idea and feeling sparked my idea to create a surreal collage that captures that feeling of being lost within the atmosphere. For my piece I wanted there to be a chaotic and psychedelic feeling that the viewer could lose themselves in, yet not fully understand at first. I incorporated my face in a few parts of my image and warped the lake on the bottom and top in order to create a dreamlike illusion. I used many different blending modes and had my hands blend into the lake by using the gradient tool. I worked a lot with Puppet warp and blending modes and drop shadows in order to try and connect the reality and surrealism of the composition.  Overall this surreal photographic collage embodies the idea of slowing down and connecting with the atmosphere around us, which so many people do not either have time for or do. We are only on this earth for so long and it is important to stop, connect and appreciate it.