Type Specimen Book

This type specimen book design and created by Jessi Dilts is an exploration of five different font categories and twenty-five different font families. It explores the narrative written by graphic designer Paula Sher, through her speech “Great Design is Serious, Not Solemn”. The overall theme of this narrative is the juxtaposition of serious design contrasted with playful and vibrant design in order to show two contrasting spectrums and styles of design. Throughout the pages there is a series of photographs taken and edited by Jessi Dilts, mixed with different images and textures that were found. Within each font, behind the flap showcases the font families and shows an example of the text, all in a clean and juxtaposed manner in comparison to the rest of the book. The little glimpses of solemn design lies behind the flaps and overall this narrative is vibrant, chaotic and juxtaposes two contrasting styles of design, solemn and playful.

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Photo Retouch





I took this previously destructed vintage photo that was damaged with cracks and crinkles that distorted both of the noses and through Photoshop was able to reconstruct both faces and add color through the use of various tools. Some of the tools that I used were the healing brush, clone stamp, the brush tool eye dropping the color and painting in the noses. I also worked with the dodge and burn tool, paint brush and selections to add color with various blending modes.    Photo retouching is a skill that is very valuable to current day artists because the technology and material we have preserved from the past are not ever going to multiply, but they can be restored and brought to the forefront of current day. It is a difficult thing to retouch a photo because there is no “right” way. Photo retouching can be an art form in itself based on the levels of saturation, vibrance, hand drawn in features, and other aesthetic decision that can take, for example, a black and white broken picture of a child to a surrealist photography color piece. That is why as a designer and artist in 2014, utilizing every tool and medium can lead to more complex and diverse pieces of artwork.

About Us

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jessi [left] jenny [right]

Jessi and I are identical twins who are always sharing the passion of art and fashion through our collaborative work.  Being baristas and artists, we fill a lot of our time getting wired and planning our next projects. Being raised in Southern California we derive a lot of our inspiration from the beach culture, and fashion both vintage and modern. There is never a dull moment with us and our art reflects our vivid image on art and fashion through painting, design, photography, graphic design, and photography. We are best friends, collaborative artists, and roommates that are always looking around the corner for the next most intriguing piece of art to begin.